a new 15x20 collage / by Philip Tarlow

3:10 PM: this morning i was in the mood to start a new collage. although i enjoyed working on the small gouache study of the snow capped peaks yesterday, that's not where my energy is at right now. unlike the previous 3 collages, i wasn't using the squash shapes and colors as a basis for the composition. i did however use a few bits from the kids paintings i mentioned. mostly, those are the green shapes.

at work on 11/20/17 collage

it started out as a vertical and shifted towards the end of my work day to a horizontal composition.

right now, i'm loving the freedom afforded me by this way of working. there's a lot to be said for the randomness of collage, which, interestingly, allows me to hone in more precisely on the development of my aesthetic. i derive enormous pleasure from the solutions that present themselves moment to moment. and it's easy to self correct when i choose an obvious or repetitive one.

ps: what you see hanging around my neck is my jerry rigged solution for having both hands free when mikela calls from the house.