what will i do today?? / by Philip Tarlow

2:41 PM: 11/18/17 collage at the end of my short work day. printed letters have not thus far appeared in this series of collages. playful, isn't it? we'll see how i feel about it tomorrow. although tomorrow is a short day as well; there'a a thanksgiving event at the charter school tomorrow afternoon which we'll likely attend.

11/18/17 collage at 1 pm






1:27 PM: i started a new collage this morning, and this is the current state: i might do an hour more before stopping to go help mikela with preparations for our dinner party this evening.










11:16 AM: we're hosting a dinner party tonight, so it will be a short day. just got some very good news concerning our educational product, so i'm trying to calm down & stay focused on my work.

i'll post pics as usual once i get going on a new piece. in the mean time, here's a watercolor by my 10 year old grand daughter manio, which i think is a masterpiece, and a view of the fresh snow on the peaks.