finally getting back to work / by Philip Tarlow

2:20 PM: i finally was able to get some work done today, in the form of an 8.75x8.75" collage on paper. this was the first time i used some extraordinarily beautiful large paintings in paper, painted by 2 kids of a friend and personally delivered to me from santa fe by our dear friend lea, with the knowledge that i'd be cutting them into pieces and using them to make collages.

this one also includes bits of a drawing i made in 2003, on an excursion to dimitsana, greece with our 2 grandkids & my son dimitri. 

i mentioned to a FB friend today that i'd briefly tell the story of the 2012 collage i framed & hung yesterday. 

briefly, when we were in houston during the summer of 2012, staying in a friend's garage apartment, i began experimenting using a  sketchbook full of studies for a commission based upon minoan art. so what you see is the original sketch, with shapes of vases, etc. partially hidden by the collages elements. these experiements were continued on a larger scale once we returned home that fall.