bad studio today, so i'm reorganizing my site / by Philip Tarlow

                       6/3/15 drawing

4:26 PM: i came down with a bad cold, which hasn't happened for years, since we strated taking green earth farms immune formula. it was definitely precipitated by our contact with the passengers on our return flight, many of who were coughing a lot.

so i'm just not feeling up to painting in my studio. instead, i focused on something i've been putting off for months; a reorganization of my site. i made a dent, but there's still a lot to do.

perhaps the most visible: when i went to my drawings page, under the diverse, dropdown menu. when i went to that page, i was surprised to see that the drawings i thought were populating that page were nowhere to be found! so i scrolled through my iphone, containing thousands of photos, and chose about 150 photos of drawings, created a new album, made my selection and loaded them onto the page, which you'll find if you click on the box below.

SITE-3-22-17 gaze 36 re-shot.jpg

then i focused in on my home page, refreshing some of the paintings on that page which are meant to be representative of my work over decades. it aint easy, but i made some good progress, and i'll probably continue tomorrow.

one of the changes i made was to add one gaze series painting. previously, the series was represented by only one painting. not enough. so i added this one, which belongs to my son dimitri and will soon be hanging in his athens theatre: poreia.