creek day / by Philip Tarlow

4 PM: i painted 2 plein air gouaches today at the creek. now that it's getting into october and we've had some windy, wet weather, the campsites have emptied and i pretty much had my pick. the one i chose, 5, i hadn't been to in a year or two. the beavers have been busy and there was a large, very striking dam, with gnarled branches large and small criss crossing one another in a manner that seemed perfect. you could never duplicar the wildly elegant structure. 

my plein air backpack, with gouache colors, brushes, water container, paper & palette

my light weight collapsible table & stool

10:26 AM: in a few hours i shall once again sally forth. after days of wind and rain, we have a stunning day, clear and with perfect plein air temperatures. right now it's 50F and should be right about 60-62 when i venture out at about 1pm MST. it's good timing, in that my new late summer series is demanding new sources of inspiration, and i yearn for that creek.


here are is plein air gear, light and portable enough to make scrambling down the brush to my painting site a piece of cake. as long as i can physically venture out, weather permitting, i will continue to do this on a regular basis. right now i'm going to prepare a new canvas for tomorrow.