starting to paint "story" / by Philip Tarlow

4:16 PM: this is story at the end of my painting day. as of yet, no collaging has taken place, although the white shapes i've left in the siena/orange ground almost read as though they might be collaged pieces of white paper. the language of the creekscape dominates, with it's patterning based upon lichen growing on rocks, growth marks on branches and some unbelievable bright scarlet-carmine grasses growing from mossy green beds on the creeks edge and waving in the downward stream of water like so many boneless fingers.

story, 38x36" as it looked moments ago






2:43 PM: i stretched a new canvas this morning and began work on story, 38x36." right now it's in an early state of becoming; the most exciting part of the process. the ground i made is a warm siena with undertones of orange. as with the previous painting, we found a way, i left areas of the white canvas in the ground, creating a counter point that i like. as long as it doesn't become mindlessly repeated in future late summer paintings. but i feel i'm just beginning to explore the possibilities of this direction, so it may very well appear in at least the next few.

as with we found a way, story is loosely based on several plein air paintings, as well as a few collages on paper from 2014.