starting "we found a way" / by Philip Tarlow

              DETAIL of we found a way at 2 pm today

2 PM: i'm stopping a bit early today; in part due to poor light as a result of the bands of rain blowing through the valley today. so far, we found a way differs from the others in its development. it's loosely based on a 2014 plein air oil, 16x16." it has only one collaged area, and a lot of space. the white spaces in the yellowish ground, which were deliberately left as i was applying the ground, are key to the abstracted quality of this painting as it stands.

BELOW: left-we found a way, 38x36" as it looked at 2pm, and right: 10/20/14 plein air oil, 16x16", which i'm referring to as i paint.

                we found a way as it looked at noon



12:06 PM: here is stage 1 of we found a way. as usual, it's tempting to leave it in this elegantly spare state...





11:18 AM: today i'll begin work on #8 in my late summer series, 38x36", titled we found a way, and dedicated to my grandson philip, who turns 11 in july. as the series progresses, the paintings are finding their voice. yesterday during a skype with philip, he played me 2 pieces on the piano. there was deep feeling in his playing, indicating to me that he too is finding his voice. we found a way honors something profound he said to me a few days ago, as well as the sound of his playing.

i'll post pics of this new painting as they become available during the day. in the mean time, here are 3 trail drawings made last month, which, in addition to the plein air oil you see above, will serve as inspiration for we found a way.