yesterday afternoons plein air gouaches/continuing tweaks to tree 2 / by Philip Tarlow

4:06 PM: so i ended up putting together a proposal for an east coast gallery that interests me, but i did do a little more work on tree 1 instead of tree 2, as i had written earlier. as you can see in the comparative images below, i basically lightened the siena ground and painted out the brown underbrush in the lower quadrant. there's more to do, so i'll see tomorrow what happens. i may start tomorrow by going back into tree 2....

12:14 PM: i'm about to get a late start and continue tweaks to tree 2, which in this shot i am evaluating.

updates will be posted as they become available.

DETAIL: 10/29/17 plein air 1

9am: yesterday afternoon mikela and i went to the creek. she helped me carry my painting equipment to the spot i chose on the creek; about a 5 minute walk from the trailhead, and then left me to set up and paint while she took a walk. conditions were near perfect. clear, with that warm late afternoon light i love, no wind. as i set up my little collapsable table, i entered the magical zone where time & space disappear, everything but the light on the landscape and the sound of the rushing water fades into oblivion. about mid way into the experience, something came over me and i began making a sound. it emerged and there was nothing i could do about it. it was somewhere between a bird and a coyote.