tweaks to "tree 2," preparing for plein air this afternoon / by Philip Tarlow

2:28 PM: about to leave for the creek; here's a comparison of tree 2 yesterday & after todays tweaks (yesterday on left):

1:27 PM: in about an hour i'll go out to paint plein air gouaches at the creek. mikela will join me and walk up the trail. when i'm done i'll meet up with her. here i am preparing 3 new paper surfaces to use this afternoon, taping them to foam core in preparation for todays adventure.

on the upper right you can catch a glimpse of my 4 watch winder, which twirls them to the right, pauses for about 10 minutes, and then to the left, making it unnecessary for me to hand wind them, every morning.

i'll post pics of what i've painted later today. before leaving, i'd like to start making a few tweaks to tree 2, which i'll likely complete tomorrow morning.