10/26/17 tree 1 / by Philip Tarlow

6:14 PM: as the clouds thicken and we await a few hours of snow, i'm looking at tree 1, which i brought over to the house for evaluation. the blue & brown need lightening, which i'll do tomorrow.

2 pm: this is one of those paintings you want to keep light, sketch-like, fresh. right now, she sings a beautiful melody, and maybe i need to stretch another canvas and start another one.

12 noon: this morning i began work on the 56x12" canvas i stretched yesterday. the image is drawn from a photo of an aspen tree i shot on one of our recent trail walks. more to come in the next few weeks. aspens are oft painted; i think my take will be unique in some ways. back to work now; more images as this painting evolves this afternoon.