sallying forth / squash-gouache: a new addition / by Philip Tarlow

6:58 PM:  here are pics of the 2 plein air gouaches i made this morning, plus a shot of the site:

5:27 PM: i don't think it was a good idea to work on this painting after coming back from painting plein air. i just went back over to my studio, and i now feel it was a better painting before my intervention today. i'll give it a try tomorrow morning, but, as i just said to a friend, this new direction in my late summer series, where i don't paint on a hard backed surface and therefore don't use collage at all, need to remain fresh. often they are completed in a day, while the energy is fresh. if i don't get anywhere in the first hour or so, i'll abandon it & start a new one.

4:15 PM: i made 2 gouaches at the creek this morning. then when i returned i did more work on sweet. the squash we got yesterday from suzanne & kent have already entered the composition, which may have become a little too busy. i'll see in the morning. i do feel it's an improvement on yesterdays version. you can see the difference in the 2 images below, and draw your own conclusion.

i'll post the plein air gouaches this evening when i'm back at the house.




                          YESTERDAY                                                                                TODAY


11:18 AM: the prediction is that it's going to get windy again today, but in spite of that i'm sallying forth to the creek in a few moments to make new gouaches, which are largely my inspiration for the late summer series paintings. 

yesterday we returned home with local fruit & veggies brought to crestone/baca by suzanne & kent. i got these little squashes with fantastic colors & patterns to add to my display of plein air gouaches i look at while painting the late summer series.

                      detail of yesterday' sweet, 36x36"




we'll see how they enter into the picture as soon as i begin the next in this series; either this afternoon when i return or tomorrow am.