study of a gorky drawing / by Philip Tarlow

study of a 1944-5 gorky drawing

1:35 PM: continuing my study of archile gorky's work, today i made a study in crayon & graphite on paper of an untitled drawing made in 1944-5.  it looks eceptively spare & simple on first glance, but was in fact far more challenging than yesterday's study of his 1947 painting, the limit.

i learned a lot; maybe even more than yesterday. in studying one of his more successful drawings, you are more immersed in his though process and more attuned to his ways of defining and punctuating space. what you see here is actually not a very good study. i would have to make 2-3 more to get into the flow of his lyrical lines. mine are hesitating and unsure. nonetheless, just studing his judicious use of color is a huge lesson in itself.

i may be ready now to return to rain, which has been sitting patiently on my studio wall, waiting for me to re-engage. come on tarlow, she says, what are you going to do with this new knowledge?