back to work in the studio / by Philip Tarlow

3:53 PM: today, 4 days after my cataract/glaucoma surgery in denver, i returned to my studio. vision in my right eye is still pretty blurry, so after a few hours i had to stop, as my work was resulting in some dizziness & nausea. i think this was just my brain trying to adjust to the new lens.

 i found this grouping of 4 photographs of the creek, which i shot in 2009. after dividing a piece of paper into 4 sections, i began a drawing based on this photo montage.

the graphite and colored pencil sketch is, so far, an exploration, i don't know where it might lead, but i have an idea for a series of paintings that fit together to create an image, but can be moved around by the viewer to make less literal variations on the theme.