re-formatting my home page / starting the 2017 creek series / by Philip Tarlow

2:15 PM: these are so-so, but it's a beginning. i have to re-adjust to gouache as a medium & turn off the gaze section of my brain. i'm using photos I took in the'90's of the creek to work from.

i'm using japanese paper measuring 1.35x35 cm. i had purchased this paper at least a decade ago from NY central supply and just discovered it this morning buried in my flat files.

i haven't used my gouache colors in so long many of them have dried out & needed to be tossed.

i may shift to heavy weight watercolor paper, where i'm more at home. but i enjoy the challenge of using materials i'm not familiar with, like this very delicate japanese paper. long narrow is also one of my favorite formats.






11:34 AM: inspired by the addition of 3 new team members to our actionlab360 team, all of whom are young & cover different aspects of site development, i'm beginning the long and complex task of organizing slides & photos of my work. the slides need to be digitized & catalogued. as i slowly begin this job, while trying to balance it with working on new paintings, i ran across the 3 black & white photos of paintings i made in the mid '70's in my athens studio, of kyriakos.

kyriakos was a street sweeper considered to be retarded by most. i found him to be a genius, but not in the traditional sense of the word. at the time, i was making a series of paintings of construction workers i found at a site near my studio in the plaka district, just beneath the acropolis. i made drawings and paintings of quite a few workers, but kyriakos was my favorite model, whom i painted and drew over a period of years. he would always be looking out the window. it appears he is deep in contemplation; actually he was on the lookout for his supervisor, so he wouldn't get yelled at. the conversations we had were few, but memorable. like the day before the army attacked and killed students barricaded in the polytechnic building, days prior to the fall of the dictatorship. he asked the meaning of a dream he'd had the previous night, where he saw lots of blood.

more about kyriakos another time; i want to get back to work now.

7:51 am: this morning i began reorganizing my home page. i expect this will continue for a while until i find what i'm looking for. i'd like the visitor to get an immediate sense of the scope and direction of my work and i prefer that the images speak for themselves. i did a little work just now & will continue once i'm dressed & showered.

as well, i'd like to move forward with the first in a new series based on plein air gouache paintings done in 2008. more about that later this morning.