"identity and abstraction inform, rather than oppose, each other" / by Philip Tarlow

3:10 PM: an overcast sky with a persistant light rain made it hard to work today, as i depend solely on natural light to paint. nonetheless, i did a fair amount of work on gaze 34. identity and abstraction do indeed inform one another, as this imagery, inspired by a detail of titian's venus of urbino with mirror, carves out and defines it's space in the square 38x38" format. venus and cupid constitute the identity, which is abstracted in a way only possible by an artist; me,  who has been a student of the abstract movements in art for decades.



so taken were they with titian's venus, that several later artists, including rubens and van dyck made copies.

tomorrow we should have bright sun, and i anticipate being able to take it to the next level.


gaze 34 at the end of my painting day yesterday






8:50 AM: what is the meaning of this quote from a recent new yorker article on a hurvin anderson exhibition, and how does it relate to what i'm about to do in the studio today?

in about an hour, we'll find out, as i continue working on gaze 34. until then, BELOW are the stages thus far, going back to it's inception in november, 2016. the most recent: upper left; the original image: lower left.