stretching canvases for gaze 32 & 33/ a look back: 2005 drawing / by Philip Tarlow

4:08 PM: this is a very early color sketch, which i'll continue to work on tomorrow, as our excellent roofer completes the leak seeking/repairing job he started today. the image is based on vermeer's milkmaid.




2:45 PM: the canvas has been stretched, albeit with a few annoying wrinkles, which will come out when i re-sketch once the painting is resolved. the image here is drawn from vermeer's the milkmaid. i'll post pics of the ensuing stages as available.





1:09 PM: now that gaze 31 is resolved, i'm stretching 2 new canvases:32x32 & 36x38" for gaze 32 & 33. can't wait to get started, and as usual have no idea what they'll be. but they know, and that's what counts!

drawing in pencil on paper, 8 1/2x5 3/4" 2005

here's a drawing i made at DIA (denver int'l. airport) in 2005. i draw as a way of thinking, and have many sketchbooks filled with them.