trail walk; then back to gaze 31 / by Philip Tarlow

4:47 PM: this morning i walked up north crestone creek trail after an 8 day break and saw just how much of a difference it makes when i wait that long. out of breath; slow, etc. so i'm going to go back to walking every 3 days as long as the weather holds. mikela is still unable to walk because of a pinched nerve, but is improving every day, and i'm hoping she can join me soon.

i did a fair amount of work on gaze 31 today. because of our delightful breakfast guests yesterday, i didn't paint. a one day break is usually agood thing, and this was no exception. the collaged shapes on the right, while they need to be pushed back a little because they pop too much, are just what this painting needed  to remove it from the girl with a pearl earring vibe to the realm of pure painting, where the subject mater is the picture plane and  not the specific image.