not yet / by Philip Tarlow

1:28 PM: i got very tired around a half hour ago. so i'm going to stop early for the day. following some collaging, using one of my favorite series of maine maps given to me by my friend dan and a piece of a WSJ article on the aspen gallery scene, sent to me by my friend louis, i used graphite to draw into the image. the red leaf shapes form the WSJ article give the entire painting a new twist.

noon: stages in my process of scrumbling gaze 33 this morning:

8:56 AM: our first official freeze took place last night, when the tempreature dropped to 28F and we had about .25" snow.

on the painting front, gaze 33 failed the test once i hung it in out living room yesterday, so it's headed back to the studio for more work. i wouldn't rule out a radical intervention. it simply doesn't have the right stuff; the result of too much coddling of off limits sections of the painting, like the face. it may be that i never really learn my own lesson: what matters above all is the integrity, the complexity, the juicy beauty of the picture plane. it needs to reflect the process, which eventually leads to a resolution....sometimes more like a truce. it can't be planned, is never predictable and is always visually satisfying in a way that allows, even encourages repeated viewing, with new discoveries every time you view the painting. that's what a resolved painting is about.

BELOW: illustrating my point, unresolved gaze 33 on the left; gaze 32, which was started 9/9 and resolved 9/16 on the right.