continued work on gaze 33, late start / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 33 at the end of my painting day a few minutes ago

3:28 PM: a scrumble and then on to a different image. BELOW: the scrumbling process consists of covering the painting with a light wash of acrylic color, then scraping into it with a trowel, allowing some of the under-painting to peek through.

then, drawing from a different fayum painting, i began painting over the scrumbled image. my gut today was to take it slow. "you have plenty of time; don't rush" i kept telling myself. i love the mystery of this new face emerging from the detritus of previous layers. i'll continue working on it tomorrow.

here i'm pointing to the only remaining recognizable image from the previous face; the eye.

DETAIL: gaze 33, 38x36" mixed media on canvas

12:48 PM: i'm getting a late start today. my first gaze told me that, although there are beautful passages in gaze 33, it still needs considerable work. i'll post pics, as usual, when they become available.