worked on 2 paintings today: gaze 32 & 33 / by Philip Tarlow

3:35 PM: this morning i walked up the trail and had to turn back after 20 minutes. it was 33F & i wasn't dressed warmly enough. my hands get really cold easily, and after 10-15 minutes they were very painful and i couldn't feel them. so from now till the snow closes the trail, i think i'll do afternoon walks. still hoping mikela can join me, but she's still in too much pain from the pinched nerve in her back.

after living with gaze 32 for about a week, we both concluded there was something off in the left quadrant of the painting. the orange & pink were detracting form the rest of the image.

so i did some work on that area, and right now it seems far better. i'll bring it back to the house and see what we both think. BELOW are the before and after pics.

i also worked more on gaze 33, which is still very much in transition. here are before and after pics; i'll do more work tomorrow morning.