shifting gears / by Philip Tarlow

2:09 PM: lots of work/play today. the previous vermeer inspired image is gone, and in it's place a riff on one of my beloved fayum paintings. i went over the previous image with a wash of color, then scraped into it. i think i repeated that process 2-3x before being satisfied that i had created the richness in color & texture i desired for an underpainting. the drawing and coloration of the fayum inspired image followed, in a white heat of activity during which i'm always in the "zone." being on the phone with mikela and learning of the latest reports on hillary's incident at the 9/11 ceremony only helped me to remain out of my head and in my body. the root you see me holding in the photo was sticking up annoyingly in the middle of our driveway. i managed to twist it out, leaving a brush-like bit on the end. i dunked it in some acrylic paint & used it to apply calligraphic strokes to the scraped & scrumbled surface, before launching into my fayum riff. you can identify those root-made-marks by making the photo full screen; they are the green strokes you see.

the weather cooperated today, giving me a mostly bright and sunny day, with cloud formations announcing the onset of another monsoonal event, which may give us thunderstorms monday night into tuesday, followed by more fall-like temperatures, with highs reaching the high '60's & night time lows in the upper '30's. it's ideal hiking weather, so i'll be going up north crestone creek trail tomorrow around 7am.




BELOW: 6 stages of gaze 32, starting yesterday morning through just a few minutes ago. they're in chronological order, starting on the upper left:

12:14 PM: as it turns out, it's not going to be either of these two. pics of my process shortly.

9:06 AM: i'm not happy with the image in gaze 32, so after i meditate & arrive in the studio, more changes are in store. i don't know what direction they'll take yet, and as always, that's exciting for me. right now i'm leaning in the direction of a riff on another fayum portrait; the two BELOW are strong candidates. this means lots of scrumbling, scraping & collaging are in store.