taking gaze 32 to the next level / by Philip Tarlow

12:54 PM: on this stellar colorado day i arrived a tad late to my studio after going to pick up judy's excellent eggs. i got straight to work on gaze 32, documenting the entire process thus far. i just had my pancake break and am casting critical looks at the painting, hanging on my studio's east wall. it's strong. stronger than it's siblings. this is the first time i've focused on vermeer's milkmaid. after the girl with the pearl earring, this is perhaps his most widely recognized painting. 

i've isolated a portion of her head, revealing her deep concentration on her task of pouring the milk from a ceramic pitcher into a larger ceramic bowl, located alongside a freshly cut loaf of bread.

as in so many other vermeer paintings, she faces a window, which casts a strong, beautiful light on her face & body. the original hangs in the rijksmuseum in amsterdam and measures 1.45.5x41 cm. the tones are warm, which is reflected in gaze 32. our inability to see what's she's up to creates a mysterious air; she looks contemplative...almost meditative. the paint is applied boldly. hals came to mind as i was working. not sure where i'll go from here. it would be unusual for me not to scrumble & collage over it, but my sense is to leave it for 24 hours & let her make up her mind.