more work on "gaze 23" / by Philip Tarlow

noon: i have a short studio day because of an actionlab360 meeting in moffat this afternoon. so i got to work very quickly upon arriving in the studio. it was a gorgeous morning; temps fell to 47 last night, so it was crisp and clear as only the san luis valley can be. exquisite light.

i lightened her up, worked on her lipds and eyes and added a multi-colored necklace. i made this up, since the image of the native american teenage girl i'm working form is a 19th c. b&w. i'll leave it as is for now, since we have to leave soon, and i'll see how it seems to me upon first gaze tomorrow morning. i can say she's a strong presence here in the studio, and looking at this one next to gaze 28, based upon a photo of my grandson philip, it makes me want to go back into that one and mix it up; it's a bit too sharp & clear, and the entire surface needs some abandoned messy interventions.