back in my studio / by Philip Tarlow

3:45 PM: end of my painting day. gaze 23 is filled with the painterly mark making that's what i'm all about. scrapes; flourishes of painterly highlights riffing on the far smaller marks of the original. they all help create a provocative , mysterious gaze.

more tomorrow morning. 






BELOW: at work on gaze 23

2 PM: i'm back in my studio on this heavy monsoon day, with a flash flood watch in place. i'm continuing work on gaze 23, which i decided to re-work 2 days ago. it's still very much in process but, since i skipped a day yesterday when we went to salida for the day, i'm posting this current state. the image is now based upon a detail of vermeer's young girl with a flute. i'm going to get back to it now before my colors dry out on the palette and will post more at the end of my painting day. until my laptop comes back from repair at apple, my posts will begin only once i arrive in my studio; usually around. so no early morning posts form the house until my macbook air is back, around the end of next week.

BELOW: 3 earlier states of gaze 23. from left to right: 7/15; 8/1; and 8/3