gaze 23 post-scrumble / by Philip Tarlow

1:24 PM: i started off the day by scrumbling gaze 23 & then working into it. beside the table where i sometimes work on paintings lying flat, lay an open book on traditional japanese textiles. as i scrurmbled gaze 23, i cast glances at this book. if you have the inclination, check out the story of priness tanabata and the tanabata bridge, and the relationship of this beautiful story to the japanese tradition of weaving.

i was thus emboldened to go further with the little dots which have of late been populating my paintings. you can see what i'm talking about in this detail of an early edo commoner's firefighting coat, side by side with a detail of gaze 23. (if this was the commoner's coat, we can only speculate as to what the upper class coat looked like!)

so what? you might ask.

so, one of the things i love about living in our 2016 world, is the ability we have to cross cultures and traditions, infusing the spirit of now with a richness we could not have dreamed of just a few hundred years ago; playing, as it were, a global piano infused with the music of snake charmers; jazz riffs, carmina burana, robeson and rappers.