editing & starting gaze 30 / by Philip Tarlow

2:01 PM: we have an important presentation on wednesday, so i'm focused on editing the clips from the may showcase in the vail valley middle school we worked with. i made the stupid mistake of trashing the old imovie so i could use the new one, which is far inferior to the old one. and you can't get the old one back once you trash it! so this is the THIRD time i'm doing the same edits on one clip about visitor feedback to the showcase, simply becasue once you go to a different window while you're editing, your edits disappear!!! OY

fortunately, mikela called while i was in the thick of this struggle. since i couldn't edit & talk at the same time, i went to my easel and made a preliminary drawing for gaze 30, which you see here. i don't know if i'll have time to continue on this new painting before our wednesday presentation; lets hope!