editing day / by Philip Tarlow

5:00 pm: today was devoted to editing actionlab360 video clips of the middle school showcase this past may in the vail valley. the kids were using an early stage version of our product & the showcase was a big success. i shot lots of video of the event, as well as interviews with the kids & some of the visitors; mostly parents. 

it definitely feels odd to be in the studio, sitting in front of my desktop all day without putting brush to canvas. i did get a lot done on imovie, after panicking for a moment that i had lost everything i'd edited. 

as you know if you're a regular, all the paintings in my gaze series; over 20 so far, have layers of paintings under the final version. sometimes 6-7 or even 8! i've never worked that way before, and i have no idea how long it might last. here's an example of one of the layers from gaze 20. it's the head of a little person, drawn from a velasquez lets get back to the easel tomorrow!