continuing work on gaze 23 / by Philip Tarlow

2:53 PM: i did extensive work on gaze 23 today, following an invigorating conversation with my friend harwood, at gremillion fine art in houston. he had the 3 paintings i shipped top the gallery in front of him, and we explored his perception of them. my favorite thing he said about them, which i wrote down is that they are "between stasis, becoming & resolution; they dance in that space."

the imagery in gaze 23 is now drawn from a late 19 th c. b&w photo of a native american girl.her gaze communicates complex layers of meaning, which can be traced back to her awareness of the genocide taking place.

8:09 AM: i'll get to the studio around 9:30, and plan on continuing work on the many-layered gaze 23. updates will be posted periodically, as usual, during my day of painting.

RIGHT: detail of gaze 23 as it looks before getting to work today.