grappling / by Philip Tarlow

1:38 PM: this is the current state of gaze 23, after collaging & then painting into it. i'm late for a meeting, so i may have to continue in the morning.

the image is currently based on a 1st c. AD fayum portrait, but it's at a stage where anything might happen....

12:15 PM: feeling my oats. didn't they used to say that? well, i just now had my complex oatmeal, with too many ingredients to list, and launched in to gaze 23 with, shall we say, gusto. here's what it looks like when i'm in the thick of it. collage is being applied; brush marks have been made......the process is in high gear.

with gaze 16  july 5, 2016

9:01 AM: today i'm grappling with something my recentconversation with ron, owner of gremillion fine art in houston, where i show my work, brought up. where am i going with the gaze series? i'm looking at the ones we have here in the house, and i may be edging towards a deeper understanding. i'll update from the studio after i meditate.