a new day / by Philip Tarlow

2:27 PM: un-dotting. yep, there were just too many of those dam dots in gaze 23, so i painted back into the face & hair, made changes to the background color and removed the yellow highlights on her shirt. I've now concluded that dan & mikela's feedback was spot on. and that's what friends (and lovers) are for.

you've got to know when to stop. and that time of day has arrived. so i'll clean up & continue editing unit 5 of the curriculum.

BELOW: before (left) and after today's changes:

7:49 AM: our friend dan stayed with us this weekend. he was here for the music festival, and as so often happens, we deepened our friendship by just having space to hang out in the evenings & mornings & learn a bit more about one another. dan and i have a plan for a joint book about our lives, so as he was leaving this morning, we agreed to each take a next step in that project before we meet again sometime next month. dan is what you might call a VSB (very sweet being).

both he and mikela agreed that i'm taking the little dot thing a bit too far in these latest paintings, so these two will be returning to the studio today for revision. i'll post updates as they occur.