/ by Philip Tarlow

day off: i rarely take days off. off from what? but this weekend is different. our friend dan is staying with us; he's here for the Crestone Music Festival, for which he's on the board. Mikela can't go because of the pinched nerve in her back, but i'll be joining him in an hour.

we'll be distributing flyers about colorado amendment 69, which we'll  be voting on nov.8th. it provides affordable, high quality health care for every coloradan. the health insurance companies and drug companies have thus far poured $70 million into distributing disinformation designed to dissuade people for voting yes.

BELOW: a comparison of an early gaze series painting; gaze 8, with a new one, still in progress; gaze 21. the little dots you see on the left are actually the weave of the canvas showing through, whereas on the right they're larger and have been deliberately created in the most recent layer of this many-layered painting.