triple play / by Philip Tarlow

1:52 PM: today i'm in a playful mood, with lots of energy surging through my body, although not quite as much as phelps, who we watched last night in absolute amazement as he struggled to emerge from the pool after garnering even more gold medals.

i worked on there 3 paintings, moving from one to the other like a dancer. i have to go out in a little while, so this may be it for today. from top to bottom, BELOW: gaze 21 (manio); gaze 23; and gaze 28 (philip) all 3 have been filled with colored dots in a manner that might suggest pixilation; tack on whatever meaning you like, but, as always, the integrity of the picture plane plus that x-factor are what count. as with all paintings, they must be seen in person to know if they work or not. 

i'll continue work on these 3 tomorrow morning. adios!