gaze 23 re-visited / by Philip Tarlow

shot this morning on my trail walk, about 1.5 hours up the trail at 9,500 ft. this is a little bridge over the creek, about 3 hours form the lake, where we plan on hiking later this summer.

we had gaze 23 hanging in the house since i last worked on it, july 15th. i became tired of looking at it; always a bad sign. so i brought it to the studio yesterday and began re-working it, until it became the non-representational image you see here. i'll re-visit it tomorrow. since i returned late from my trail walk, i decided it would be more productive to focus my energy on actionlab curriculum edits and on trying to complete my proposal for a gaze series show to the gallery director in aachen, germany. once it's complete, i'll send it to ron at gremillion in houston to review. then he'll forward it to the gallery director, who is a good friend, and we'll se how he responds.