short day...gaze 27 continues / by Philip Tarlow

7:34 PM: the view from the t road returning to crestone.

1:08 PM: yesterday's imagery, based on vermeer's the love letter, has been scrumbled. the new imagery is based on a 19th c. photo of inusk; daughter of the chief of the kickapoo indians. i'm going to stop for the day to prepare for our meeting this afternoon, and pick up again tomorrow morning.




11:11 am: i have a different image in mind for gaze 27, so as soon as i finish editing an actionlab unit, i'll get to work.

8:33 AM: we have an afternoon actionlab meeting, so today will be a shorter than usual day, i'm in the house about to meditate, contemplating gaze 27 & where it might go today. will it be affected by yesterday's faun encounter? how could it not?