a few final tweaks & on to the next gaze painting / by Philip Tarlow

gaze 28  38x38"  mixed media on canvas

11:37 AM: gaze 28 resolved. the tweaks, mostly blending of abrupt transitions in the skin tones, highlights on the t-shirt, ears  & eye whites have been completed and the painting is about to be re-stretched onto a stretcher bar without the masonite backing i use for collaging convenience.  

a couple of firsts: this is the first painting in the gaze series that departs from historical prototypes; mainly vermeer and is based upon a present-time subject. and it is the first (and i hope not the last) portrait of my grandson philip





here is gaze 28 on it's way to the studio for a few final tweaks and re-stretching before launching into a new gaze series painting.