/ by Philip Tarlow

2:05 PM: i did quite a bit of work although you might not notice at first. i re-painted both ears, worked extensively on HIS right eye, added highlights and adjusted the shape of his face, which was a bit too wide in spots. 

once again, we have to remember: a painting is not a photograph. the late greek painter yannis moralis was once approached by the son of the man whose portrait he had been commissioned to paint. it's wonderful! the man exclaimed. but the nose is not my dad's nose. then his sister visited moralis' studio and commented on how amazing the painting was,; if only his mouth could have been more like her dad's. the wife's problem was with his chin. so moralis invited them all to his studio, sat them down, and said "take it home, hang it, live with it for a month and you'll get used to him."

8:32 AM: a few tweaks to gaze 28 today, and then on to a new painting. i'll post later in the day with updates.