fearless / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM: i made a slight tweak to (the viewer's) right side of his mouth. getting hot ; might cal it a day...

1:42: i spent the last 2 hours going back in after the scrumble. the tone is definitely improved and is lighter overall. it's shaping up, and is beginning to take on an identity, beyond the resemblance or lack thereof to philip. when i look away then glance at it, i am reminded of dimitri's gaze, which is not surprising: piercing; critical; sensitive; a tad pissed off and compassionate. right now, i'd put it up there with the most successful paintings in the series.

getting back to the all important painterly qualities and the integrity of the picture plane, i'm happy with both. that said, i can see what and where i might tweak it after i have a bite to eat. i try not to eat very much before painting, as i find it slows me down and somewhat dulls my perception. 

11:19 AM: i scrumbled the painting, mostly because i felt the overall tone was too dark. now i'm about to work into it while my morning energy is still fresh and strong. the eye immediately relaxed and begins to search, to scan the surface for information. philip, if you're watching, the less defined you are, the more the exquisiteness of your soul emerges. ok, now i'm diving back in!


9:10 AM: this morning i'll move ahead with gaze 28 with, one hopes, less attachment to the does this look like philip? factor. purposeful play. no mind.