what would you do? / by Philip Tarlow

8:48 pm: i brought gaze 28 to the house. it needs work, so tomorrow it's back on the easel. 

1:37 PM: my little friend is persisting in trying to fly into my studio. non-stop!

so i took dimitri's advice and proceeded slowly, "surgically" in my interventions. i think it's in a good place, but am waiting for philip's feedback. i may stop for the day; it starts getting uncomfortably warm around this time, and although my evaporative "swamp" cooler helps a lot,i don't like the loud noise it makes. 

i feel fortunate today to have been able to use my fresh morning energy to work on gaze 28, and i think i'll give it a rest and go keep mikela company. she has a painful pinched nerve in her back & lying flat on her back is the only position she can be in until it calms down. lots of ice.

11:08 AM: what would you do?

if you were painting a gaze series painting that happened to be a portrait of your grandson & you came into the studio & saw that it needed more work, but were afraid to screw it up, what would you do? would you launch into your usual scrumble and collage  and sometimes wild gestural mark making mode? or would you be hesitant and timid, afraid to spoil the portrait which, when he saw a photo of he thought looked a lot like him? 

so i asked philip what to do. he showed up in the form of a bird persistantly trying to get into my studio by flying against the north window. he said "go for it grandpa!" so that's what i'm about to do.