back in the studio; next steps? / by Philip Tarlow

7:15 PM: the jury is back. big changes tomorrow. it works, but in your mind. it needs to hit you on the gut level.

                                    BEFORE                                                                            AFTER

2:42 PM: after gazing at it for a few hours and asking mikela to come over & give her feedback, i decided to work back into gaze 28. it was too blah; nothing really popped; more liked pooped! so here's where it's at right now. this is not going to be a full day of work; it's a transition day. even 3 days away from my studio demands a re-entry process. on the other hand, a fresh perspective is of great value. i don't believe i could have done what i just did on this painting without that break.

12:25 PM: just walked into my studio. at first glance, gaze 28 seems resolved. i need to bring it to the house for a final evaluation, but in the mean time, i'm going to start working on the next painting. i got some ideas on our trip, which i'd like to try out. briefly, they involve weaving the colorado landscape into the gaze series in some way. here are some pics from our trip: