gaze 28: more dynamic / by Philip Tarlow

3 PM: stopping here for the day. gaze 28 needs a rest, as do i. it's definitely in a better place than it was a few hours ago. the abundance of texture in this one perhaps comes from looking at my bonnard book a lot lately. i am less and less taken with large faces that dominate the picture plane. last month i experimented with collaging vertical strips of off white paper on the canvas, creating 2 paintings; gaze 21 and gaze 23. these strips became dividers for a series of cropped faces. it was interesting for me to have these partially cropped faces interacting and creating unexpected and mysterious gazes that transcended one unique visage and became a kind of collective gaze. i think that led me to gaze 28, where, absent the vertical strips of paper, the faces drift, cloud-like into and over one another. they may evoke the gazes of individuals we've seen, known and unknown. 







12:27 PM: this morning i had, you might say, a field day. usually i get my direction for the day while in the shower. today, it was simply "more dynamic." that's it? that's all you got for me? c'mon! bupkus; just more hot water descending upon my head. 

i started by collaging some new elements and it kind of took off after that. we have meetings in aspen & denver over the next few days. so she can sit here in peace & quiet, contemplating where she'd like to go next. i think i fulfilled my orders for a more dynamic surface, and i may go back in now & take it further.