continuing gaze 28 / remembering the process of gaze 25 / hailstorm! / by Philip Tarlow

6 PM: at about 5 pm, the storm clouds you see below left moved up to crestone/baca from the southwest. the winds gusted to gale force, the temperature suddenly fell from a high of 88F to about 62F and the hail blew sideways with great force. hail on july 18. that's crestone! 

by the way, the mosquito season seems to have ended. it lasted exactly one month. although there are still mosquitos up on north crestone creek trail, where we take our early morning walks, we no longer have to open & close our front door quicky to prevent them coming into the house. now begins a period of sheer delight. as we move towards our early fall; only a mere 6 weeks away, we get to fully enjoy this spectacular place at it's magical best!

3:30 PM: here's where gaze 28 is at as i stop for the day. i'm tired and i'm having an ocular migraine; a disturbance in my vision that's not fully understood, other than that it a disruption in vision that is vrey annoying, lasts 20-30 minutes and is not serious. here's what the experts say:

It appears migraines are triggered by activation of a mechanism deep in the brain, which releases inflammatory substances around the nerves and blood vessels of the head and brain. But why this happens and what brings about the spontaneous resolution of an ocular migraine remain unknown.

so i had to stop painting and am having trouble writing this post. the current image is obviously based on a 1st c. fayum painting. that's about all i'll say right now. gotta clean my brushes & go lie down with my honey.

2 PM: on the floor drying under the ceiling fan





7:31 AM: here's a little visual history of gaze 25, in part as a preview of what's to come with gaze 28 as i continue work this morning.