sexiness trumps all / breakin' up is hard to do.... / by Philip Tarlow

1:23 PM: sexiness trumps all: introducing a few collaged elements juiced up the picture surface. examples: the blue and pink of the map on the upper right; the colored dots, especially the green ones in the lower quadrant....(see detail below) ...these elements add incalculably to that quality translating to increased liveliness, playfulness, pure visual desert-like qualities that make looking at the painting an ongoing adventure.

in an ideal world, this is what would determine the value of a painting, and not the price it fetched at auction. 

if you peruse the sequence of my gaze series by scrolling down on my home page, you may observe a progression in the work. i use the word progression advisedly, since i believe it's a mistake to apply the concept of progress to art. i feel that process is a better word. so in the process of creating this body of work, i've learned a few new things about painting, and that new knowledge and technique has naturally become part of the more recent work in the series. one hopes that the sum total of all one has learned and experienced continues to enrich one's work until the very end. matisse, with his end-of-life paper cut outs is a fine example, i believe. the formulaic solution, whether in art, politics or whatever, is death.











12:28 PM: "breakin' up is hard to do..." the first stage of the breakup of gaze 27; it was retrospect!





10:26 AM: in looking at gaze 27, i'm feeling it needs more complexity. as usual, i've become too attached to the representational qualities of the face. so when i get to the studio, my first move will be to begin breaking it up.