good morning crestone / gaze 27 in uncharted waters? / by Philip Tarlow

12:53 PM: i knew when i woke up this morning that gaze 27 was in for a big shift. the painting traversed a rocky, exciting road this morning, landing in the state you see here. on first glance, it reminds one of faded byzantine frescos or perhaps japanese prototypes. what i did was in part influenced by the stunning images of byzantine frescos in mani, in the southern peloponese dimitri emailed this morning. 

the excitement lay in following the energy, wherever it led me. my mind would try to jump in, i thanked it for sharing and kept going. slathering, scraping, pasting, cutting, scribbling. it's one of the few times i'm completely unaware of the tinnitus-caused ringing in my left ear.

haven't eating anything, so i'll take a little break & evaluate as i cook/eat, casting furtive glances at gaze 27, hanging on my studio wall.

6:52 am: ok, so here are a couple of shots i took early this morning & posted on FB. i have gradually been developing this aesthetic in my photography of reflections reflecting reflections of gorgeous skies in the baca at sunrise & sunset. it's gradually been dawning on me that this IS my aesthetic, and that my layering in these gaze paintings is moving in a similar direction. suddenly i had a huge urge to re-discover gaze 27 based upon all this. how? we'll see in a few hours!