looking back / starting grey 24 / by Philip Tarlow

4:39 PM: i knocked myself out, but it's getting there. at least a couple of days to go, till it becomes a PAINTING. gotta keep walking that edge, between the familiar and the whack-on-the-head i didn't expect that! how did i do that? or, better yet, "who did that?"





BELOW: all the stages of grey 24 thus far

2:45 PM:  one more stage since my last post.

2:13 PM: here are the first 3 stages of grey 24. as of yet, no collaging has taken place, but it can't be far off!



















11:55 AM: following an excellent 6 am trek up the trail, i'm getting to work again. i had a one day break yesterday, when we drove up to edwards for actionlab meetings with 2 teachers, the head of curriculum for the school and our new head of IT strategy & operations, jason.

i'm about to dive into grey 24, which will be 38x38" and is destined to become a companion piece for grey 12, based on a 1st c. female fayum portrait. this one is based on a portrait form the same period.

looking back: black & white photo of a portrait  of a boy with a hearing aid, painted in andros, greece in egg tempera on board, about 1978. his eyes tell the story.