actionlab360 brochure photo selection day tsarouchis / by Philip Tarlow

Just a few reasons why Yannis Tsarouchis is "a major 20th C. Artist." Quote from a letter Henry Geldzahler sent me in 1969, when he saw the book I sent him on Tsarouchis' paintings. At the time, he was the Curator of 20th C. Art at the Metrpolitan Museum in NYC. He asked me to extend an invitation to him for a major show at the newly opened PS1. Yannis, who was feverishly executing commissions to pay for his new Marousi studio/home, and didn't fly, declined, saying it would take too much of his time to travel to the USA by boat.

5:10 PM: i devoted today to locating and selecting photos of students using our product to create their projects for our actionlab360 intro brochure, which needs to go out by the end of this week to someone who is being very supportive, connecting us with individuals who may engage in the development of our product. i chose photos i had taken at a middle school, a high school in denver and at the opening of steamshop, a makers space in alamosa.