off day; today we have a talk to attend / t.j. reid / by Philip Tarlow

7 PM: this afternoon at the crestone charter school, T.J. Reid spoke to us about coloradocare, which will be on the ballot in november as amendment 69. we watched his powerful, moving PBS documentary "sick around the world." please look at the coloradocare site to learn about this healthcare system being proposed for colorado. no deductibles, doctor of your choice....all the features we love. expensive? yes, but much less than what we've got now, and everybody is covered. his thought is that if, in spite of the strong opposition of the health insurance companies, we can spread the word & get this passed, other states will follow suit.

shot yesterday evening; one of my goodnight crestone posts on facebook. some of these are possible candidates for painting images

i'm spending whatever time i have this morning to edit actionlab360 curriculum; the beginning of a process that will take weeks. normally i'll be doing this at the end of my painting day, but since we have to be at this talk around noon, i'm editing this morning. 

shipping the paintings to houston:  if was far too expensive to have them packed and shipped professionally in salida, so i'm probably going to un-stretch them, send them in a tube and have them re-stretched in houston.