continuing gaze 26 / preparing to ship 5 gaze paintings to houston tomorrow / by Philip Tarlow

8:04 PM: the 5 gaze series paintings are stacked in our entryway, ready to be loaded in the car tomorrow morning, driven to salida, packed & shipped to houston. i'm proud of them, and i wish them a safe and easy journey. and that they find their homes and give their new owners ongoing delight and pleasure.

4 PM: if you haven't had a chance to watch the youtube interview i posted yesterday, with lucien freud, i highly recommend it. when asked questions by the interviewer, he is disarmingly forthright and honest about his process as a painter. at the time, he was called the worlds greatest living portrait painter, but you wouldn't know it from his tone. i especially love how he responds when asked how he handles it when things are going well & he's on a roll. i relate a lot to how he answers. freud was not a fan of formal interviews and did not like to be photographed. as a result, this rare footage offers us a very private, one feels, look into the life and world of one of our greatest 20th c. painters..

gaze 26, 32x32" as it looked when i stopped painting for the day

2:06 PM: there's a tree about 20 minutes up the trail that was struck by lightening, split at the base and has fallen in a way that diagonally blocks the trail, so that you have to duck to get past it. this morning because of the mosquito netting jacket and due to the fact that it was still not fully light at 5:15 am, i walked smack into it. i hit my forehead hard and was thrown back, so that i landed flat on my back. i had gotten a concussion only a few months ago, when a painting fell on my head in the studio. i sure hope i didn't get another one. but i don't feel great and therefore am stopping for the day.

gaze 26 has once again transformed, but normally i would have taken it further than what you see here. i just can't work any more, so i'll have to resume on tuesday. tomorrow we're going to salida to ship the 5 paintings and some ceramics to houston.

8:04 AM: running a little late this morning as we did our trail walk at 5 am. i intend to continue work on gaze 26 (below right)  and possibly make some changes to gaze 21 (below left).