breaking out / by Philip Tarlow

2:30 PM: here's where i'm stopping for the day; i have to be somewhere at 3:30. this totally unexpected painting, which i'm calling gaze 27, is based on a photograph i took with my phone last year at a dinner party. tamar is an excellent chef, and she was cooking when i shot this from above. she has this amazing red hair, and the way it was falling over her ears is a painter's dream. in it's current state, this painting evokes giacometti portraits with a dose of manet & a sprinkling of freud. of course, it's all tarlow, but tarlow is all these things.

i have no idea where it will go tomorrow, which is a short day due to the noon opening celebration of the crestone brewery. plus, we plan on walking up the trail tomorrow morning, so i may not get much done.

i just now learned that gremillion & co. fine art is requesting that i send 5 of the gaze series paintings, which we've become used to living with in our house. better they should be in the gallery, and maybe i'll recieve my first round of feedback soon, and some or all will find homes in houston. i've posted pics of the 5 at the bottom of this page.

11:41 AM:  you always need to break out....of something. we get stuck. in ideas, actions, various repetitive, mindless behaviors. this morning i took an unsuccessful gaze series painting and painted over it. it's not like the others in the series, and is based upon a photo i took of our friend tamar cooking dinner at a friend's house in crestone. here's how it looks right now: