a few more tweaks & on to "gaze 26" / by Philip Tarlow

3:41 PM: end of my painting day; here's stage 2 of the drawing and stage 1 of the gaze 26. i'm going to stop for the day & allow this striking image to familiarize herself with my studio and get a sense of herself in this new reality.

3:03 PM: gaze 26 drawing has been sprayed with fixative and is drying in the sun.

SITE-6-20-16 gaze 26 (1 of 1).jpg






2:38 PM: initial drawing for gaze 26

SITE-6-20-16 gaze 25 at 12-30 PM (1 of 1).jpg






12:30 PM: this may be the resolved and final version of gaze 25. the tweaks accomplished my goal of unifying the picture plane, adjusting any jarring dissonances in her visage while mainting the haunting mystery of her gaze. she has, i think, left her 1st century environment and traveled to the 21st century carrying the same rich assortment of thoughts, feelings, memories she had when she was pinned down in time. 

the greens set her apart from her siblings in the series, and the scrawls above her left forhead inform us that she is, above all else, a painting.











8:01 AM: another scorcher here in crestone, with possible record breaking heat & haze in the valley from wildfires in new mexico. 

i was a tad off my game when i did yesterday's tweaks, so i'm going back in this morning before it gets too hot. i'm going to have to rev up my huge swamp cooler in the studio, which is way too noisy but definitely cools the studio down. just make sure you've got all loose papers secured!

here are 6 stages in the process of gaze 25 thus far, top left first: