instability in the atmosphere & the studio / looking back / by Philip Tarlow

1:04 PM: ABOVE: stages 1, 2 and 3 of grey 21, inspired by goya.

11:42 AM: BELOW: and here's a post-scrumble tweak and the next stage, all but obliterating the image

grey 12 at 11:08 am, post scrumble

11:05 AM: yesterdays version of grey 12 seemed too abrupt when i first encountered it this morning in the studio, so it underwent a scrumble. in the mean time i'll get to work on the new one and see if i do anything more to this one later today.

i might, for example, feel moved to jump in with a few critical accents here and there. maybe.

1/2/16 grey 6, the love letter, 38x38"  in an early state





8:53 AM: LOOKING BACK: 1/2/16, an early stage of grey 6: the love letter.

looking east at crestone peak yesterday around 7 pm, the atmospheric instability was evident








7:29 AM: after a not so great sleep, with the wind howling all night, we awoke to a sunny day with high winds and threatening clouds scudding up from the southwest. the instability will last through monday night, keeping temperatures relatively low for this time of year and providing us with ideal walking weather, providing we don't get caught in a sudden downpour. 

detail of a goya portrait that interests me right now

the first goya inspired painting has been completed, or almost completed. i'm excited about the prospect of the grey series continuing in this vein. today i may start a second goya inspired painting, which will be 32x32." as always, i'll post pics of the entire process. this invaluable material will be incorporated into a book, and selections will be incorporated into future talks.